Trip Planning


In your planning to go abroad, you will need to consider your travel logistics, finances, and accommodation. Consider the reservations and arrangements you will need to make prior to your departure to ensure that your arrival and stay abroad will run as smoothly as possible.

Some things to remember:

  • Inform your bank that you will be leaving the country for an extended period of time
  • Research and apply for awards or bursaries to help offset the costs of your study abroad experience
  • Research methods of payment in your host country
  • Arrange your accommodation prior to leaving on your trip
  • Plan and book your travel to your host country


Money Matters

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Travel Planning

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ISIC Card for Travelers

UBC suggests that students obtain an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status. Students can take advantage of countless benefits and discount with their ISIC card while abroad. For more information about the ISIC card and to learn how to get one, visit the ISIC website.




Some programs will provide housing but others will not. You may need to arrange your own accommodation prior to leaving on your trip. Plan your short-term accommodation upon arrival to your destination and any additional overseas travel you may do prior to departure.

Begin your search early! Find out as much as you can about the neighbourhood you will be staying in and the local transportation services. Your host university or organization may be able to make recommendations, so look on the institution’s exchange website for accommodation suggestions.



Power of Attorney

You may wish to assign Power of Attorney to someone you trust so that, while you are away, they can act on your behalf for such matters as:

  • Signing your student loan documents
  • Filing your income tax
  • Signing bank documents

The granting of this power is simple – you and your designate co-sign a form at your bank or at UBC, where you also present the Power of Attorney letter.

Check Forwarding Request Form

Third Party Pickup Form

Third Party Authorization

As per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, UBC is not able to disclose any information relating to a student without their consent. In many cases, students will require assistance from a family member or friend acting on their behalf while they are abroad. In order for UBC to be able to release information to this person, you must provide authorization.

Complete the Third Party Authorization Form online at the Student Service Centre under “Personal Information.” Be sure to submit a request for each of the campus units for which you wish to grant Third Party Authorization, including Go Global.